Every entrepreneur goes into business with a list of dreams, hopes and desires for their business and their life. Unfortunately, dreams require more than just hoping and praying for a successful outcome.

What we need to realize is that dreams are just the starting point of the entrepreneurial adventure. Dreams get us in the game, but to be successful in business requires being able to put all the pieces together in order to create a prosperous enterprise.

Those elements consist of:

The thing is, most of us are only really good in one or, if we’re lucky, two of those areas.

Self Assessment

Each of those areas require a wide ranging set of skills, yet many entrepreneurs have no ideas what real strengths or weaknesses they possess. Putting our dreams aside for a few moments, we need to ask ourselves some questions. A little self evaluation, if you will.

• What skills do we really need for our business?
• Are our strengths aligned with the skills required for our type of business?
• Do we have the temperament to even be in business?

Find Your Strengths

Relying solely on our own answers, only gets us part of the way. We need to get a little more scientific, because we all think we’re exceptionally talented. However, if we can leverage our true strengths, our path to success becomes just a little bit easier.

Once we’ve done a self-evaluation, we need to follow it up with a formal personality profile to see if our reality aligns with our perceptions. There exists a number of profiling tools available at little or know cost such as Myers-Briggs or Disc. These are readily available on the internet. If you’ve never complete one, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible. They are insightful. Once completed, compare it to your self evaluation.

By knowing our strengths and weaknesses that get uncovered by these profiling questionnaires, provide you with a framework for your personal development. To thy own self be true.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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