small-business-minute-37-limitationsWhether we chose to admit it or not, every entrepreneur has limitations and failure to acknowledge them can become an anchor that limits our success.

“Unfortunately, most of us never seem to shake our start-up attitude”

Granted, during the start-up years we must do everything to get our enterprise off the ground and there are many things that we aren’t very good at. Fortunately, we only have to be good enough at our limitations until such time as we can hire people that are better at them.

Unfortunately, most of us never seem to shake our start-up attitude, even though we’re not start-ups any longer. Is it because we don’t want to show any weakness? Is it because we let our pride and ego get in the way? Are we afraid of what people will think? Or do we just not know any better? I’m not totally sure.

“What I do know is that most successful people never hide their limitations.”

What I do know is that most successful people never hide their limitations. (Tweet this) They acknowledge their existence and build their companies with either employees or 3rd party resources that fill those gaps.

My advice is simple. Identify your limitations, then concentrate on the things that you are good at, and let others do what they’re good at. This will move your company forward at a much faster pace.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.


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2 comments on “Small Business Minute #37- Limitations

  1. Marlene Nov 3, 2016

    Greg, your blogs are continuously so insightful. I always enjoy reading them, they often remind me of things that may be in the back of my mind, but I need to act upon them. Then I remind myself to get off my b__tt and keep going, however, listen to Greg!!

    Thanks for sharing!