The Rising Star Award connected me to my mentor of over 4 years, Greg Weatherdon. He has been the most pivotal piece for me in terms of mentorship. I have also found throughout the years that the best business’ relationships are the ones that aren’t forced. I don’t do business’ with someone unless I authentically would enjoy sitting down with them for a beer or coffee.

Bradley Bezan- Founder & CEO

“Working with my business coach, Greg Weatherdon, has helped a ton! I can’t tell you how helpful it is to receive guidance from someone who’s been there and able to share their wisdom with you and keep you on the right path. After I meet with Greg I have a clear mind and feel ready to tackle things again! He has a podcast and book I recommend checking out.”

Julia Weber 

“Greg’s no-nonsense, action-oriented wisdom saved my business (and maybe even my life – I’m not kidding). Our business’ bank manager recommended I reach out to Greg when I explained some troubles we were experiencing.

“You need to shrink to greatness” Greg told me (among many other helpful things). At the time I thought, “I can’t shrink. I need a large team, I need a large office. 

 My clients won’t call or come to me if I don’t have any of those things.” The trouble was, my business could not sustain itself with the large, bloated model we had.

A year later, after (foolishly) not taking Greg’s advice we sat down again, only this time my business was in much more trouble. It was then that Greg gave me extremely sage and applicable advice. Push my ego aside, relocate my operation, cut all additional costs, streamline service offering to a core service, and continue to be ruthless with expenses (phones, client lunches etc).

I went back to the office that day and informed the team of our move, our changes, and haven’t looked back since. It was certainly not an easy restructuring, but my business and my life are all the better for it.

Since applying his advice, and starting my business ventures over again, I am happy to report that they have become profitable, and my personal health has improved dramatically. No longer was I in a studio until 11PM eating pizza right before bed trying to cope with stress. I started exercising, cooking vegetables and healthy foods at home, sleeping more, and reducing stress. I’ve lost 60lbs since the change and it’s had major impacts on me personally and of course the business.

For anybody who made it to the end of this lengthy recommendation, you should know that Greg is an expert who knows what he’s talking about and can dramatically impact your business – if you listen and take immediate action. He’s a very interesting, kind person who will challenge you to think different – and for the better. Thanks Greg! Engage him – you will not regret it. I am shrinking to greatness, and it feels incredible.”
Liam Mooney

CEO & Strategic Lead 

There is an old adage that if you can garner just one good idea from a seminar, a presentation, or a lecture, then it makes the time and cost to be there worth it. Well, a lucky bunch of us owe Greg a lot more time and money! Wisdom, common sense, and a new, enlightening twist on stuff you think you already know, as well as, not one but lots and lots of actionable ideas make up his presentation “Get More ‘Life’ Out of Your Business”.

Greg’s energy, passion, humour and intellect are on display as he challenges small business owners to think differently; at a more macro level about who they are, what forces drive their efforts and how their business works now, and provides clear logical actions to put into practice to improve the odds for success, help you better understand your Customer, and maximize your potential as you transform your business to work for you.

It is clear that Greg has a lifetime of varied experience, and great stories to tell, but Greg hasn’t just let life happen to him, his truck driving roots taught him to take a firm hold on the wheel and take your business, your destiny and your life in your own hands, and he has harnessed his strengths, skills and knowledge to build enlightened experiences that he now shares with us. Thanks for sharing, and caring Greg.

Don McCallen Store Owner-Postnet

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