There is an old adage that if you can garner just one good idea from a seminar, a presentation, or a lecture, then it makes the time and cost to be there worth it. Well, a lucky bunch of us owe Greg a lot more time and money! Wisdom, common sense, and a new, enlightening twist on stuff you think you already know, as well as, not one but lots and lots of actionable ideas make up his presentation “Get More ‘Life’ Out of Your Business”. Greg’s energy, passion, humour and intellect are on display as he challenges small business owners to think differently; at a more macro level about who they are, what forces drive their efforts and how their business works now, and provides clear logical actions to put into practice to improve the odds for success, help you better understand your Customer, and maximize your potential as you transform your business to work for you. It is clear that Greg has a lifetime of varied experience, and great stories to tell, but Greg hasn’t just let life happen to him, his truck driving roots taught him to take a firm hold on the wheel and take your business, your destiny and your life in your own hands, and he has harnessed his strengths, skills and knowledge to build enlightened experiences that he now shares with us. Thanks for sharing, and caring Greg.
Don McCallen
Store Owner, PostNet
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