“Greg’s presentation demonstrated that having a life and being an entrepreneur are not mutually exclusive. His down to earth approach kept the audience captivated, leaving the group motivated to implement his proven suggestions.”
Megan PhillipsEvents & Membership Services Coordinator Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce
“Greg spoke to our Sales Professionals of Ottawa group on presentation skills. Most salespeople already know how to present and they’re a hard group to impress, yet Greg managed to share new and novel skills that they could put into practice. Greg is meticulous, earnest and genuinely interested in helping others.”
Glenn SchmelzleBoard Member, Sales Professionals of Ottawa
I was very impressed with the seminar Greg presented.Since attending that seminar, I have sent many of my small business clients and colleagues to his website to benefit from the great posts he writes. I’ve also enjoyed many great chats with Greg over the past several months which have been incredibly helpful in my own business. Greg has the ability to be very entertaining as he informs, and he really does help people to “get more life” from their business
Lynne Forgette
“I have known Greg for several years and have been a fan of both his blogs and his business presentations. A good mix of common sense, thought-provoking ideas and humor make Greg’s presentation fun and worthwhile. Incredibly business-savvy, wise beyond his looks and a great sense of humor make it easy to recommend Greg for either business presentations or business consulting.”
Robert FraserPresident/CEO, oogled
“Greg is a fine speaker and presenter. Our association was enthralled with his ideas and concepts, plus he communicates in a way that grabs the audience and makes them take notice. Keep it up Greg !”
Kathryn HotteDHSBA

If you have the chance to attend one of Greg’s presentations, do not miss it! Although I’ve only known Greg for a short while, it was easy to see that he fully understands the ins and outs of operating a business, and the challenges that business owners face on a daily basis. His is a rare talent – the ability to cut through all the noise and get directly to the heart of the matter with a direct, common sense “grass roots” approach to business and its potential pitfalls. Greg speaks from the “been there, done that” perspective of having run a successful multi-million dollar company where lessons learned have been distilled into useful knowledge now available to those willing to roll up their sleeves, step up, and take their business to a higher level.
Marie WatkinsChief Instigator, Marketing Strategics
We heard Greg speak at a “Lunch and Learn” session at our Chamber of Commerce. His presentation, “Get More Life Out of Your Business” was very insightful; we contacted Greg to meet us for a coffee and to discuss some business challenges we were facing. He was so helpful, he listened well and provided clear options to resolve the issues we were dealing with, based on some of his own experiences. Greg sees himself as a business mentor. We would highly recommend contacting Greg for business advice and mentoring.”
Simply put, he knows what he is talking about! His experience in business and his practical application of his experience have put him in a position to be able to help businesses achieve greater things. As business owners, we all have a sense of what can be done, but Greg will tell you what NEEDS to be done. Forget the pie in the sky, “Take it to the next level” rhetoric, Greg keeps it simple straight forward and provides useful and usable strategies and the information that business owners really want to know. He has been successful in business and ready to share his knowledge with those who really want to learn.”
Mark DeLeonOwner, Avanzar Computer & Office Supplies
“We were looking for a speaker for our local business networking group who understood the ups and downs of running a small business. We wanted to help our members and guests understand the key principles of building a business that balances work along with personal life. “Get more “Life” out of your business” was his message. Greg’s interactive and enthusiastic presentation was exactly what we were looking for. The amount of information that was packed into his presentation was incredible. Greg presentation style, along with his great quotes, stories and examples kept the audience interested and enthusiastic. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to Greg’s presentation, and expect to ask him back again in the near future. I would highly recommend Greg for inspiration, motivation and education for anyone seeking more fulfillment and “life” out of their business.”
Jenny McKeeDHSBA
“I left Greg Weatherdon’s talk with not only a better understanding of what I need to do to build my business and make it more fulfilling, but also with increased enthusiasm in being an entrepreneur. Greg is an enthusiastic speaker who understands entrepreneurs and running a business. With more than 25 years of experience as a small business owner, Greg provides his audience with a clear understanding of the risks and rewards waiting for those who manage their own businesses, and he packs in more information about understanding your business and maximizing its potential than I would have thought possible. Some of Greg’s suggestions should be common sense, but as he shows with examples, sometimes entrepreneurs are so set in their ways that they don’t consider how things like automation and outsourcing can help not only their businesses, but also their work/life balances.”
Chris TalbotFreelance Writer
“It was a pleasure to meet you at the CSAE Trillium Chapter Awards event and thank you for hosting, speaking and emceeing in a very professional and enjoyable manner!
You did a fantastic job of juggling many hats and keeping the audience engaged and entertained. Thanks for playing a leading role in the success of the Trillium Chapter awards event. Hopefully our paths will cross again down the road.
Best wishes for continued success and please accept my gratitude and appreciation for a job well done!”
Steve CarrollCSAE Trillium Chapter President

There is an old adage that if you can garner just one good idea from a seminar, a presentation, or a lecture, then it makes the time and cost to be there worth it. Well, a lucky bunch of us owe Greg a lot more time and money! Wisdom, common sense, and a new, enlightening twist on stuff you think you already know, as well as, not one but lots and lots of actionable ideas make up his presentation “Get More ‘Life’ Out of Your Business”.
Greg’s energy, passion, humour and intellect are on display as he challenges small business owners to think differently; at a more macro level about who they are, what forces drive their efforts and how their business works now, and provides clear logical actions to put into practice to improve the odds for success, help you better understand your Customer, and maximize your potential as you transform your business to work for you.
It is clear that Greg has a lifetime of varied experience, and great stories to tell, but Greg hasn’t just let life happen to him, his truck driving roots taught him to take a firm hold on the wheel and take your business, your destiny and your life in your own hands, and he has harnessed his strengths, skills and knowledge to build enlightened experiences that he now shares with us. Thanks for sharing, and caring Greg.
Don McCallen
Store Owner, PostNet