I have a simple saying that I live by, and that is “Look as good as you sound”!

We constantly tell people how great our product or services are but do we support that statement with a professional image?

People tell me all the time that it’s not that important and I call that a cop out!  It’s about respect!

“Image is that common thread that
runs through your organization”

Business is difficult enough and we need every advantage possible to change the odds in our favour and image is relatively easy to elevate.

Image to me can be best summed up as that common thread that runs throughout your organization. From your business cards to how you look and everything in between. It’s an opportunity to showcase your professionalism because as business owners, we can’t risk not making a good 1st impression.

The thing is, it only takes 7 seconds to form a 1st impression and 93% of that 1st impression is based on how we look and how we sound. The remaining 7% is based on what we actually say.

“It can upwards of 8 additional contacts
to change a 1st impression”

All is not lost though, as a bad 1st impression can be changed.  Unfortunately, it’ll require a fair amount of work as it can take upwards of 8 additional contacts to correct that bad 1st impression. Sadly, we rarely get those 8 additional opportunities.

People want to deal with successful people, so take yourself seriously and them seriously because you only have one chance to make a 1st impression.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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