A very common trait of successful entrepreneurs is that many don’t have rear view mirrors. By that I mean, they rarely dwell on the past mistakes. They know their future lies ahead and not behind. The past is the past and mistakes happen.

“Once distilled, they let it go and move on…”

That’s not to say they pretend they never made a mistake, to the contrary. They acknowledge their mistake, analyze what went wrong and distill those learnings, notice I say learnings, into usable information. Once distilled, they let it go and move on because they understand that theirs is a journey of successes and failures, generally with more failures than successes. Those failures however, must be let go otherwise they become burdensome and limiting and would extinguish the fire in all but a few hearty souls.

“They realize not to take errors or failures personally.”

Although it’s easier said than done, successful entrepreneurs have come to realize not to take errors or failures personally. They understand they made an incorrect decision based on the information they had at the time and nothing more.

Much like driving a car, when running your business, you need to look down the road to where you’re going because you can’t make any progress looking in the rear view mirror.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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