I often come across business owners whose sales style is to use scare tactics rather than a consultative sales process By scare tactics, I refer to that style whereby the sales individual attempts to pressure the individual into making a purchase decision based on world ending events.

An example of this would be a roofing salesperson telling the client that they can’t wait any longer because their roof is failing and if they don’t act now they risk a leak that would cause untold damage to their ceiling, furniture and flooring and may not be covered by insurance. Although all of this is technically true, the urgency of impending doom in the salesperson’s voice can create an emotional purchase decision that may be regretted later. Is this the kind of relationship you want with your customers? You see most people are trusting and assume you’re being honest {TWEET THIS} but once they find out that they misled or pressured, then you’re probably going to miss out on any referrals.

Using the same example, an alternative approach should be along the lines of “I realize that this is a big decision, however, I would like you to keep in mind that although it may be fine today, I wouldn’t wait too long as the potential and collateral damage could be significant. It’s better to be a month early than a day late.”

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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2 comments on “Small Business Minute #15- Quit Scaring Your Customers

  1. sulaiman abdullateef Nov 13, 2015

    Your short messages are really powerful.