Successful entrepreneurs have long learned that identifying internal deficiencies can increase profitability far more quickly than the chasing new ideas.

These owners do not like waste. Wasted time, wasted effort equals wasted profits. Doing something over again because of carelessness, doesn’t sit well with them.

We’re all human

I’m not talking about the occasional mistake, heck, we’re all human. What I’m talking about is those recurring situations where individuals are just not paying attention, like sending a technician out after a job has be completed to adjust a setting or flip a switch that should have been done at the time of the initial install. Or what about the installer who continuously leaves items on the dock that then requires a separate trip to complete the job.

Creating checklists is a simple way of avoiding or least minimizing errors and errors cost money. When you consider a commercial airline pilot who performs hundreds of takeoffs and landings every year, you would think they could do so without a checklist, yet they go through the procedure every single time.

Adopting checklists may help you keep a little more profit in your pocket.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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