No one likes doing hard stuff. It’s far easier and requires far less motivation to do the things we like. Great concert pianists produce wonderful music in what appears to be an effortless manner. Top ranked Olympians appear to have superhuman abilities and successful entrepreneurs have an air of quiet self-confidence.

What We Don’t See

The one thing all these individuals have in common, is that they put in the time and effort required to develop and refine their skills. What we don’t see is the hours upon hours, year in, year out that the pianist has spent practicing at the keyboard. Nor do we see the Olympian training long before the sun comes up, when they’d rather stay in bed.

The successful entrepreneur is not excluded. What we don’t see is the copious amounts of information they consume in their off hours or the mental gymnastics they perform as they try to distill this new knowledge into an actionable strategy all the while keeping up the daily demands of their enterprise.

Believe me, these individuals would prefer not to have to work so hard, given that there is no guarantee of success. But they do!
Regardless of the repeated disappointments and failures, they just don’t quit!

They just pick themselves up and keep on grinding it out, with only their thoughts to keep them company, because successful people do the hard stuff.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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4 comments on “Small Business Minute #42- Successful People Do The Hard Stuff!

  1. Melanie Feb 24, 2017

    Great advice, thank you, Greg! I’m struggling with paperwork right now. For me, that is the hard stuff – keeping on top of the never-ending paperwork. The more I procrastinate, the harder it gets, given it is based on memory (in my field). So, I need to just pick up my socks and get better at doing the paperwork promptly.

    • gregw Feb 25, 2017

      Thanks for the comment Melanie. Paperwork is always a struggle. A couple of suggestions come to mind. First, jump in a get caught up and secondly, do the paperwork immediately upon the client visit or before you call it a day. That way it’s no longer hanging over you as an never ending task. It is said “that stress is not a result of having too much to do, but of never finishing anything.”

  2. Love this one, keep posting.

    • gregw Apr 21, 2017

      Thanks Ankur for your comments. I’ll do my best to keep posting-Greg