Why would anyone want to be an entrepreneur? Why would you want to have to constantly worry about getting business, hiring employees, making payroll, covering rent, dealing with grumpy customers, finding customers, firing customers, firing people, sending out invoices, collecting payment, marketing, fixing the computer, quoting on jobs, preparing presentations, working too hard, sleeping too little, meeting with lawyers, meeting with accountants, explaining to bankers, being rejected, losing customers, out guessing the competition, managing your time, trying to be creative, managing people, selling, being late, shipping, receiving, paying bills, getting home, getting home on time, prospecting, closing, reporting, profits, networking and deadlines?… Read More


One of the key skills successful entrepreneurs share is their ability to use the selling process as a research vehicle.

Being a great designer, mechanic or programmer matters little if you can’t convince someone to buy your goods or services. Alternatively, hoping “to be discovered” may leave you waiting a long time. (TWEET THIS)

Sales Generate Revenue

With the exception of sales, all other activities that you do are costs to the business.… Read More