Being the creator of our future is part of the allure to being an entrepreneur, however one of the costs of doing so is the increased stress we experience while chasing our dreams.

The thing with stress is that although we all experience it, how we deal with it can be far different. Some even look upon it as a badge of honor and fool themselves into thinking that stress is a great motivator and therefore they’re making progress, when in fact they could be more effective if they could just reduce their stress.

Get Things Done

Funny enough, one of the easiest ways to do that is to get things done. You see, stress is not a result of having too much to do, but of never finishing anything. As entrepreneurs we always seem to have far more priorities or ideas that we want to implement than we have time.

Just like the proverbial plate spinner who can never rest, for fear the plates will come crashing down, we always seem to have far too many priorities that never get completed. Over time these unfinished priorities accumulate to the point that we feel we are overwhelmed and now stressed.

Decide What’s Important

The best solution I’ve found is to make a list of all outstanding projects. This alone will reduce your stress. Next decide which are the most important to move your company ahead. Typically, revenue generating activities should take priority and not pet projects and then get them done.

This simple approach will go a long way to reducing stress and give you a feeling of control

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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