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One dreaded and often neglected aspects of being a business owner  (Tweet This) and managing employees, is the annual performance reviews. Although you’re well intentioned and sincere in your desire to perform this exercise in a timely manner, most of us just end up forgetting about them or, because we never get around to preparing the formal review, we just keep putting it off, much to the frustration of the employee.

Is this the right attitude? Absolutely not! But it happens all the time. So why is that? Well, as with many HR related issues, few of us are skilled in the area and not really sure how you’re supposed to conduct a formal annual review. There seems to be as many theories as there are days in a month.

The Solution

After many years of struggling with this issue, I came up with a simple solution. I told the individuals that reported directly to me, that when I’m pleased about their performance or how they handled an issue, I’ll tell them at the time and likewise if I’m displeased. I was no longer going to collect all the information over the course of the year and then dump it all on them at once.

Once that system was in place, everyone knew where they stood and the annual discussion revolved around the coming year’s expectation and any increase. All very positive stuff for both parties.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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