Your Existing Customers May Be More Valuable Than You Think

hp_img_storageServicesOriginally Published in Snips Magazine- April 2016 edition




Being an HVAC construction business owner is hard work and one of the biggest challenges every owner faces is trying to keep the order books full.

Of all the areas that require your attention, HVAC sales are the sole source of revenue and are usually a priority. When you think about it, all the other activities in your business are costs — necessary costs — but still costs. Sales are the lifeblood of your business and simply put, no sales equals no business.

“…there’s always someone willing to undercut your quote.”

And if things weren’t tough enough, there always seems to be someone willing to undercut your quote. However, most can’t do it cheaper and don’t realize it until they go out of business. But there always seem to be another startup willing to take their place and do unprofitable work and continue to make your life difficult. Continue reading

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Small Business Minute #32- Empathy-The Double Edged Sword!

Small Business Minute #32 Empathy-The Double Edged Sword


Most successful entrepreneurs that I’ve met have a balanced approach to empathy, deep when required and non-existent when really necessary. On the other hand, I witness owners that aren’t so balanced. Those that have too much empathy, frequently worry way too much how a given decision or request will be accepted by their employees and regularly succumb to the slightest resistance. This failure to follow through on their decision, even though deep down inside they know it’s the right to do, often limits their success or ability to move the company forward. Continue reading

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Preparing Your Small Business For Sale

Preparing your Business For Sale brought to by AIRMILES and presented by American Express Canada


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Small Business Minute #31- A Message To Employees.

Small Business Minute #31 A Message to employees

Its not always your bosses fault that you don’t like your job (Tweet this). Sure it’s easy to blame someone else that you’re not reaching your full potential, that your job is boring and repetitive to say nothing of the fact that you feel stuck without choices. To that I say, get over it.

Where is it written that they are responsible for your future? Continue reading

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Small Business Minute #30- Want To Get Better? Work At It!

Small Business Minute #30

I regularly tell business owners that you don’t have to be an expert in every area of your business, but you have to good enough at everything until you can afford to hire someone who is better than you in a specific discipline.

This is pretty simple advice but it can be challenging for the entrepreneur because they don’t know where to begin. As humans, we tend to gravitate towards the things we like or good at and avoid those things we don’t understand.

Chances are you got good at something because you spent time doing it and eventually became proficient at it. Same applies to learning anything new, you must work at it. Of course, learning anything new can be tedious, but the more information we consume on the subject, the easier it becomes, and before you know it you start to become confident in your newly acquired skill set. Continue reading

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Small Business Minute #29- We All Need Two Mentors

Small Business Minute #29A wonderful piece of advice we can all use is that we should all have two mentors. One that is older that can share the wisdom that comes with age and can helps us avoid the many pitfalls that they’ve experienced.

The second and younger mentor, and by younger I mean at least one generation behind us and not just a few years our senior. This mentor or group of mentors will be the ones that keep you in tune with the new trends and applications that are changing as quick as the seasons. Continue reading

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