One question I get all the time is, “How can I increase my sales?”

The answer to this is question is quite simple. The hard part is executing on the answer.

Selling is more than just showing up so, here are five ways to increase your sales that apply to any business.

#1 Improve your knowledge and become an expert

sales charts and graphs

Knowing everything you can about your product, your industry and your competition can give you a massive competitive advantage that will set you apart Why? Because so few people really immerse themselves in all aspects of their industry to become an expert.

To be sure, lots of your competitors act like they are experts by using all the current buzzwords, but few are, and their depth of knowledge is shallow. Two of the key benefits of being an expert is that it’s disarming to clients, especially to those that think they know more than you. Secondly, it gives clients the confidence that they are dealing with someone who knows their stuff.

Becoming a subject matter expert requires you to do a deep dive into understanding of your product, your target customer, and certainly your competition. Of course, this all requires a continuous investment of time and effort to keep abreast of changes and trends and It’s never ending. But that’s the price one must pay to become an expert.