Prior to starting my own business, I literally devoured everything I could about owning and running a company. One thing that I could never understand was how a perfectly good business ended up going bankrupt because of cash flow problems. It wasn’t until I started my own first enterprise that I quickly learned that regardless of how profitable you were, it didn’t matter until that money was in the bank- Cash flow ruled!

Cash flow in a business is much like the oxygen we mere mortals need to survive. Getting paid for what we do is like breathing in, it’s the oxygen our business needs to survive. On the other hand, paying our bills is like breathing out. 

Much like our bodies, we can’t just breathe out nor can we just keep paying bills, we need a constant source of cash coming into our businesses and the only way to do that is to make sure our receivables are current.

Get Over It!

All too often I hear owners tell me they don’t want to annoy their customers by constantly bugging them. To this I usually respond with “get over it”. You’re entitled to your money and you need to get a little more serious about it. If dealing with consumers, don’t you leave or let them leave without being paid in full.

With services like Square or Paypal you can accept credit cards on the spot, so there are no excuses. Getting paid in a timely manner ensures you give your business the oxygen it needs for it’s survival.

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Get More LIFE Out of Your Business

You shouldn’t be the hardest working person in your company.

Many small business owners find that even after the struggling start-up years, they’re working too many hours and still managing every aspect of their businesses.

Greg Weatherdon has been there, done that. As an entrepreneur, he learned not only how to get a business to the point of running smoothly, but also how to reduce the number of hours he worked, delegate more responsibility to his employees, and take longer vacations while his business chugged along like a well-oiled machine. And now he is providing the secret to success.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

1. Business ownership isn’t living up to the dream.
2. Endless workdays.
3. You can’t find good people.
4. Profits are less than expected.
5. You can never take a vacation.

You’re not alone. But there is a solution. As Greg demonstrates, with some time and effort, you really can Get More Life Out Of Your Business.

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2 comments on “SBM #20 – Cash Flow – The Breath Of Life

  1. Wendy Threader Jan 6, 2016

    Excellent post Greg!!
    Right to the point in a fashion anyone can understand. I will be sharing with my entrrpreneurship class.

    • gregw Jan 11, 2016

      Thanks Wendy, I glad you liked it. I hope it helps in your class.