Someday I’ll be able to slow down. Someday I’ll be able to take more than just a couple of days off. Someday, someday, someday. This refrain is repeated daily by millions of overworked and underpaid entrepreneurs. Some feel trapped in a design of their own making.

Others feel they have traded their soul or some other part of their being for the sake of their company. Still, others are oblivious to what’s happening and just accept, whether it’s right or wrong, that this is what they signed up for.

They kid themselves every day into believing that someday is just around the corner, when in fact, it’s nothing more than just a shimmering mirage far off in the distance.

Entrepreneurial lifestyle

“Self employment is an insidious
lover that knows no boundaries”

When we take the entrepreneurial plunge, we readily accept certain realities, like long hours and reduced or no income. But if the truth be told, the list is much longer and it’s not until we are knee deep in it, do we realize how little we know about this thing called, the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Self employment is an insidious lover that knows no boundaries. Left unchecked, it will consume your every waking moment with thoughts of opportunities, challenges, self doubt or euphoria and of course the promise of someday having a better future.

Throughout this journey, many never realize that as time creeps by, they have given up activities, interests and even friendships. They justify it by saying they don’t have time and the business requires all they’ve got, and someday they’ll reengage.

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle unlike others and those that are successful have realized that they must either manage this lifestyle or risk being managed by this lifestyle. Entrepreneurship can provide an individual with tremendous freedom or enslave you to a life of servitude. The choice is yours and to blame the demands of the business on limiting the free time you have, is doing yourself and the business a disservice.

Why did you go into business in the first place? Like everyone else, you had a list of goals you hoped to achieve when you set out on your own, but again like most, we can longer find that list and we end up in someday mode.

Someday mode

If you’re one of the millions of entrepreneurs who find themselves in this someday mode, it’s time to do something about it. This is not to be taken as an intervention, but more of an attitude adjustment. Take a moment and think about what you’ve given up to date. It may be that you’re saying no a little more frequently to taking your children to their soccer practice. Maybe your turning down every invite to golf or some other activity you used to participate in, because your busy. When’s the last time you went for a bike ride or yoga or to the gym

What if you just said yes once in while? The work will always be there, but your friends and family may not. And what about your soul? You know you could use the distraction, so what’s stopping you, other than yourself?

Work life balance

Work life balance is tough to achieve on a daily basis, but not difficult occasionally. What about today? If you’re self employed, call your boss and tell them you’re taking the afternoon off, I’m sure they’ll understand and change someday to today!


Got a business challenge? Let me know and I may post a solution for you and your privacy will be assured.

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