One of the simplest ways to increase your sales closing ratio is by simply following up with your prospects in a timely manner.

All too often I encounter entrepreneurs who lament at how difficult business is or that they just don’t get sales even though they are pitching and quoting.

Digging a little deeper quickly uncovers one of the main reasons for their poor sales performance, they don’t follow up. It is estimated that 85% of sales contacts are never followed up.

When I enquire as to why they don’t follow up, I usually get the same answer- “I don’t want to bother them or come across as pushy’. To this I typically respond by saying “they asked you to quote, so a few follow up calls is not considered pushy, if done in a professional manner”

People Are Well Intentioned

When you consider that people lead busy lives and although well intentioned, they sometimes need a little friendly nudge in order to take action. I can’t tell you how many times a prospect has thanked me for following up with them- which is certainly in contrast to what we would expect.

By following up, it also gives the serious prospect the opportunity to ask questions or get answers to things they thought of since our last meeting and more often than not, if it doesn’t result in an immediate order, it certainly moves the process along and keeps me in contact with the prospect.

So if you want more sales, follow up.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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