Small Business Minute #16 Rejection-The Best Research You’ll Ever Get!







One of the key skills successful entrepreneurs share is their ability to use the selling process as a research vehicle.

Being a great designer, mechanic or programmer matters little if you can’t convince someone to buy your goods or services. Alternatively, hoping “to be discovered” may leave you waiting a long time. (TWEET THIS)

Sales Generate Revenue

With the exception of sales, all other activities that you do are costs to the business. Sales is your sole revenue generator and supports all other activities. Remember, No sales, No business. But getting in front of customers is hard work and often frustrating, especially if you’re being faced with constant rejection. So maybe it’s time to change your outlook.

Every minute you spend in front of a prospective client is a learning opportunity, even if you’re being told no. The client is giving you clues to where your product or service is deficient and need improvements. Consistently being told no for the same reason is like a trail of bread crumbs leading you to a better solution, but only if you’re listening.

So instead of getting mad or depressed look at rejection as some of the best research you’ll ever get. (TWEET THIS)

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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