An Interesting Conversation with a Barber

quality of lifeHaving recently moved to a new city, I had to find a new barber. Knowing that there was one in the local strip mall, I decided to give him a try.

As I sat in the chair, I happened to notice an easel with a painting in progress, so I asked him “who’s the painter?” He replied that he was. As the conversation continued, he went on to say that he has been working on it for about two years. Sometimes for as little as 5 minutes a day and other times for much longer depending on how busy he was. On those days that he doesn’t feel like painting, he often writes poetry or engages in one of his other hobbies or interests.

Quality of Life

Here is a great example of a small business person that gets it. He knows his daily business is unpredictable and so he makes the best of it. He calls it quality of life, I call it smart.

As self employed individuals, we are considered hunter gatherers. In other words, if we are not consistently looking for business to sustain our enterprises, were not going to make it. But anybody who’s been in business for while should be aware that their businesses probably have some periods of the year or certain days of the week that things are just quiet. You’ve done everything you can think of to generate business but the phone just isn’t ringing. Problem or opportunity?

It’s an opportunity! These are the times when you should go do something other than work. Remember you’re the boss. Wasn’t one of the reasons you went into business was to improve your lifestyle? How does sitting around hoping the phone will ring improve your life? Take advantage of the moment and indulge yourself, because chances are it won’t last.

So quit staring at the phone and go paint your picture!

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