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Video-Thoughts on Self-Employment

The Purpose of Self Employment is to Serve the Needs of the Entrepreneur, While Supporting the Needs of Their Customers! In Theory, a Manager/Entrepreneur Should Have Very Little To Do! If You Can’t Sell Your Company, You’ve Only Got a … Continue reading

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Revenue Without Profit is Pointless!

At a recent seminar I was conducting on “Organizing your business for maximum profit” I was asked by one of the participants what area of their business should be tackled first? To summarize, my presentation was based on getting the … Continue reading

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Would You Buy Your Company?

Image courtesy of jk1991 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net The dream for many entrepreneurs is to sell their business and then retire. When I ask these same people if knowing what they know about their company, would you buy your company? I get … Continue reading

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