Small Business Minute #38- Look As Good As You Sound!


I have a simple saying that I live by, and that is “Look as good as you sound”!

We constantly tell people how great our product or services are but do we support that statement with a professional image?

People tell me all the time that it’s not that important and I call that a cop out!  It’s about respect!

“Image is that common thread that
runs through your organization”

Business is difficult enough and we need every advantage possible to change the odds in our favour and image is relatively easy to elevate. Continue reading

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Filmed live in Ottawa – Get More LIFE Out Of Your Business

Get More LIFE Out Of Your Business filmed live in Ottawa at the Rogers Talks Event

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Small Business Minute #37- Limitations

small-business-minute-37-limitationsWhether we chose to admit it or not, every entrepreneur has limitations and failure to acknowledge them can become an anchor that limits our success.

“Unfortunately, most of us never seem to shake our start-up attitude”

Granted, during the start-up years we must do everything to get our enterprise off the ground and there are many things that we aren’t very good at. Fortunately, we only have to be good enough at our limitations until such time as we can hire people that are better at them. Continue reading

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Small Business Minute #36- Innovation Starts at Home

small-business-minute-36-innovation-starts-at-homeIf you’re to believe everything you hear or read about innovation, you would be justified in thinking that innovation is an area best left to the big companies, but that would be wrong.

Don’t let the status quo be the reason you don’t try something new

If truth be told, every company, regardless of size, has the opportunity to innovate. Although small innovations never make headlines, they never the less can make a dramatic impact within your company, and frankly that’s all that really matters.

What you need to understand is that most successful innovation comes from either borrowing ideas from other industries or reconfiguring your existing products or services to tackle new markets or customers. Continue reading

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Small Business Minute VIDEO- Customer Service

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Small Business Minute #35 – Motivation and Inspiration

small-business-minute-35-motivation-inspirationEveryone one of us needs to be motivated and inspired occasionally. Although successful entrepreneurs are inherently self motivated but none the less they still look for opportunities to keep themselves in the right frame of mind.

Being inspired or motivated is only half the required elements to achievement. The other half is action.

“Being motivated and inspired has little or no value if you don’t put anything into action.”

The biggest difference between successful and struggling entrepreneurs is action. Being motivated and inspired has little or no value if you don’t put anything into action. Spewing forth motivational quotes or inspirational stories is nothing more than a feel good exercise when you fail to take any steps towards accomplishing your goals. Continue reading

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