Small Business Minute #5 – Domain Based Email

Domain Based Email

Nothing undermines your professionalism more than using one of the many free email services available today.

Being in business is hard enough. On a daily basis we are faced with numerous challenges that keep us awake at nigh.  We struggle to take our business to the next level and yet we penalize ourselves by not taking care of some of the simple no brainer activities.

Domain based email

Domain named email is nothing more than having a company based email address instead of joesmith@gmail or @yahoo you have

Registering a domain is a simple process handled online. Many of these same organizations also offer email for a few dollars a month. If you already have a website, you most likely have domain named email included in your hosting fees. You only need to activate it.

It may not seem important but it is one of the first things your prospective customer sees. Having a free email account telegraphs amateur hour and that you’re not serious about your business.

Having a named based domain removes one more obstacle for people to do business with you.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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