Networking Faux Pas

A lot has been said about networking and it seems that everyone and his brother has an opinion on how it should be done covering everything from style, timing and what to say. What’s rarely discussed is what not to do.

Having recently attended a breakfast seminar where the morning’s presentation was on networking, I expected to hear many of the standard networking how-to’s. However, if we are truly honest with ourselves we can all use a reminder now and then. What was unique about this presentation was the addition of some simple protocols that rarely, if ever, get mentioned. Adding these practical tips to your arsenal will help to improve the networking experience.

So here are they are:

Tip #1

If networking over a meal and your plate is full and everyone else’s is empty, you’re talking too much!

Tip #2

When at a networking event and two people are in a conversation don’t interrupt, it’s called “Crashing”.

Tip #3

If you want to join a group of people talking, wait for an opportune moment to ask a question that is relevant to the conversation. Otherwise you risk disrupting the flow of the discussion.

Tip #4

Be aware of the “Blip”. Be ready with a couple of re-engaging questions should the conversation suddenly go flat. This will avoid those really awkward moments and re-establish the conversation.

Just remember these four little tips the next time you’re at a networking event, you’ll be amazed how often these “Networking Faux Pas” actually happen.

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4 Responses to Networking Faux Pas

  1. #1 one: if you’ve got more food on your plate, you are talking too much is so true and something I actually look at.

    I’ve noticed that the more I listen to another the better a conversationalist they say I am. Strange, but true!

    • says:

      Hey Richard

      It’s funny you say that, but it’s so true. I’ve noticed that many times myself.

      Thanks for the input.


  2. Rick Chase says:

    These are really great tips Greg, I’m going to keep them close for my next networking opportunity. Thanks for the fantastic advise as always.


    • says:

      Hey Rick

      I’m glad you like them and by all means use them and share them. Just make sure you let people know where you got them:)

      Thanks for commenting, I always enjoy the feedback.


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