No Sale, No Business

Much has been written about all the skills an entrepreneur needs to be successful. Creative, action oriented, risk taker, visionary, opportunistic, resourceful, etc. But in my opinion, the number one skill every owner requires, if you are going to have any chance of success, is the ability to sell.

It’s surprising how many business owners try to avoid selling whenever possible. When challenged, they readily admit that they find it a very uncomfortable and a highly stressful activity. However, what they fail to remember is that by not selling, they risk compounding their stress levels when they have insufficient business to pay their suppliers, rent or employees. In others word, “No Sale, No Business!”

Selling has many definitions, but at the end of the day, selling is nothing more than the ability to convince someone that your idea, thought, or product is better than the alternative. Selling is not, high pressure, aggressive or confrontational. Nor is it a full contact sport where winner takes all, but more about finding common ground that allow the buyer and seller to agree that they have found the best solution.

Yes there are natural born sales people, just as there are natural born inventors and athletes, but for the vast majority of us we need to learn the skills we lack. The great thing about selling is that it is can be a learned. Although you may never become a professional sales person, your goal is to simply be able to sell well enough to create revenue for your enterprise until such time as you can afford to hire someone who can do the job better than you. Once this goal has been achieved, you can then spend more of your time doing the things you actually enjoy. In the meantime pick up some books or download their digital versions and listen to them in your car or at the gym.

Strangely enough, some of the best sales people I’ve encountered will tell you they aren’t sales people at all, yet their unassuming manner coupled with their deep passion and belief in what they’re doing make them powerfully persuasive individuals.

So if you genuinely believe in your product or service, you’re passionate about the benefits it can deliver and you are truly concerned about delivering quality results, chances are you can sell.

So put your inhibitions aside, be yourself and just be honest with people. Your passion and enthusiasm should be enough to be a convincing sales person.

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7 Responses to No Sale, No Business

  1. Tom Kaufmann says:

    Hey Greg,
    Right on the money, buddy. We sales folks are not in the selling game. We are in the problem solving game. Our job is just to find out where it hurts and then offer several solutions and allow the prospect to close himself by having them choose one of the offerings. Today it is the question-based selling skill that works best. Ask questions. Talk less and listen more. You learn nothing when you talk. You learn everything when you listen.
    Happy Selling!!

    • says:

      Thanks for the comments. I always like it when people agree with me:)

      Amen on the “Ask Questions, Talk Less and Listen More” comment. Greg

  2. Fred says:


    Very good, logical and sound post. Sometimes even those of us in sales forget a part or 2 of this. Always good to see things like this.



    • says:

      Hey Fred,

      Thank you for commenting. I think we all need regular reminders. Granted we’ve all been guilty of getting a moment of enjoyment from “The Thrill of The Kill”, but at the end of the day, I feel much better having provided a client with the best solution for them. It should never be about me. Greg

  3. Fred Schroeder says:


    Always good to get refreshers like this. Sometimes when things get slow, one feels the need to press; but you are correct; it’s convincing people that your solution is better for their business.



  4. I have found over the years that I simply can’t sell something unless I am passionate and believe in what I am selling. Otherwise I would need to start with a lie to myself. I love working with business owners who can’t help being passionate about what they do. If we are both passionate and there is a good fit to work together, it’s incredible what can be accomplished.

    • says:

      Hey Richard, thanks for the comments. It’s far more rewarding to sell someone something they truly need or solves a problem they may have. Making a good sale, rarely leaves either party second guessing. Add to that passion and there’s no limit to potential. Greg

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