Video-Top 7 Reasons For Small Business Failure


1.Bad Idea no market/too competitive

2.Cash Flow expenses exceed income

3.Lack of Skills marketing, sales, production, managing, etc.

4.No Plan formal or informal

5.Lack of Expertise no industry knowledge

6.Attitude negative

7.Burnout lonely-24/7

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4 Responses to Video-Top 7 Reasons For Small Business Failure

  1. Dawn Sutherland says:

    Hi Greg;
    Good video. I particularly like the intro graphics. Very nice.
    Top 7 reasons for business failures – so true. Especially number 4 – no plan. Not having a plan is closely related to #1, 2, 3 and 5, which leads to #6, followed closely by #7.
    No matter how small or large a business, we ALL need some kind of plan!

  2. Upen Shah says:

    Hi Greg,
    Excellent video. You have very succinctly captured the reasons I have been trying to tell my SMB customers in hi-tech market. Dawn mentioned graphics in the intro – the version I saw did not have any graphics. Could you pl. provide URL where the full video is posted.



    • says:

      Hi Upen,

      Thank you for taking the time to watch and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I rechecked the video to ensure it loads properly and appears that everything is okay. I will send you the link under separate cover. Thanks again Greg

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