Being a Leader Can Be a Pain.

The typical discussion on leadership usually revolves around the qualities or gifts that good leaders share, such as integrity, team player, protector, teacher and mentor. In addition, most leaders are pretty good problem solvers and visionaries.

Young businessman sitting on chair with a thunderstorm and rain overhead What we don’t hear is the downside of leadership. With this gift of leadership comes the mantle of responsibility. When you stop and think about it for a moment, who is the person everyone turns to when a crisis erupts? The leader, of course. It’s because they tend to be innovative thinkers; many are able to distill complex problems and get to the root of the matter very quickly. In some ways, they are like magnets where people seek them out, it can’t be helped, it’s just part of who they are. Continue reading

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Why Your Business Needs a Dashboard

a car dashboardIf you think about it for a minute, you probably wouldn’t want to drive a car without a dashboard very far. So why do you think can run your business without one?

Let me explain. The dashboard in your vehicle displays the key items you need to be aware of while operating any vehicle. Knowing the speed at which you’re travelling keeps you from speeding or at least lets you know how much over the posted speed you’re travelling should you encounter a constabulary. The engine temperature keeps you informed of the cooling function and oil pressure warns you of a pending low oil condition. In addition there is the tachometer, voltage meter and the ever loving gas gauge. Continue reading

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15 Questions Every Business Should Ask!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

In the quest to be successful, many small business owners wrongly assume that everyone is or should be our clients.  Unfortunately, by the time we realize the fallacy of this assumption, we’ve spent far too much time, energy and resources on this unproductive strategy. It’s easy to understand why we stay at it so long because we manage to experience some successes along the way and therefore we keep going with this course of action. What we fail to realize is that these wins are, for the most part, from your true target market but unfortunately, but we don’t take the time figure this out. Granted there are and always will be outliers, but for the most part those orders or clients are your real target market. Continue reading

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