Small Business Minute #41 – Why Be An Entrepreneur?

Small Business Minute #41 Why Be An Entrepreneur

Why would anyone want to be an entrepreneur? Why would you want to have to constantly worry about getting business, hiring employees, making payroll, covering rent, dealing with grumpy customers, finding customers, firing customers, firing people, sending out invoices, collecting payment, marketing, fixing the computer, quoting on jobs, preparing presentations, working too hard, sleeping too little, meeting with lawyers, meeting with accountants, explaining to bankers, being rejected, losing customers, out guessing the competition, managing your time, trying to be creative, managing people, selling, being late, shipping, receiving, paying bills, getting home, getting home on time, prospecting, closing, reporting, profits, networking and deadlines?

On the other hand, maybe the question should be, Why the heck not? When done right, the freedom and rewards far outweigh the alternative.

I’m Greg Weatherdon and this has been your Small Business Minute.

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Small Business Minute #40- If Not Now, When?

Small Business Minute #40 If Not Now, WhenSitting down with a cup coffee, you look at your financials and you realize your annual projections are not unfolding quite like you planned. Revenue is down, expenses are up and profitability is just a flicker on your Profit and Loss statements. You know that the longer you wait, the harder it will be to make up the shortfall. It’s time to step up your game and maybe even get outside your comfort zone. Because you know that if you don’t act now, things are just going to get worse.

“You already have a relationship with them, take advantage of it!”

So here are five things you can do to hit those goals and get the business back on track or to the next level. Continue reading

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Small Business Minute #39 – No Rear View Mirror

small-business-minute-39-no-rear-view-mirrorA very common trait of successful entrepreneurs is that many don’t have rear view mirrors. By that I mean, they rarely dwell on the past mistakes. They know their future lies ahead and not behind. The past is the past and mistakes happen.

“Once distilled, they let it go and move on…”

That’s not to say they pretend they never made a mistake, to the contrary. They acknowledge their mistake, analyze what went wrong and distill those learnings, notice I say learnings, into usable information. Once distilled, they let it go and move on because they understand that theirs is a journey of successes and failures, generally with more failures than successes. Those failures however, must be let go otherwise they become burdensome and limiting and would extinguish the fire in all but a few hearty souls. Continue reading

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Small Business Minute #38- Look As Good As You Sound!


I have a simple saying that I live by, and that is “Look as good as you sound”!

We constantly tell people how great our product or services are but do we support that statement with a professional image?

People tell me all the time that it’s not that important and I call that a cop out!  It’s about respect!

“Image is that common thread that
runs through your organization”

Business is difficult enough and we need every advantage possible to change the odds in our favour and image is relatively easy to elevate. Continue reading

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Filmed live in Ottawa – Get More LIFE Out Of Your Business

Get More LIFE Out Of Your Business filmed live in Ottawa at the Rogers Talks Event

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Small Business Minute #37- Limitations

small-business-minute-37-limitationsWhether we chose to admit it or not, every entrepreneur has limitations and failure to acknowledge them can become an anchor that limits our success.

“Unfortunately, most of us never seem to shake our start-up attitude”

Granted, during the start-up years we must do everything to get our enterprise off the ground and there are many things that we aren’t very good at. Fortunately, we only have to be good enough at our limitations until such time as we can hire people that are better at them. Continue reading

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