Small Business Minute #1 – Your Ideal Customer

 Small Business Minute


Building a business is hard work and not for the faint of heart. It’s where Survival of the Fittest rules the day. In an effort to be one of the survivors, many small business owners make the strategic error of trying to make everyone their customer. In other words, trying to be everything to everyone.

Although the idea is forged on their belief that having everyone as their customer, will allow them to maximize their revenue when in fact it actually works against them. You see the more specialized you become, the more intimate knowledge you gain on your subject matter. This in turn, allows you to solve customer’s problems quicker and innovatively. Over time, you will be sought out for your expertize thereby allowing you to charge more for your product or service.

Becoming a specialist may take you a little longer to build your revenue stream but you’ll be far more profitable in the long run. Think about it for a minute, who gets paid more the heart surgeon or the general practitioner? The choice is yours?


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Image courtesy of digitalart at

Image courtesy of digitalart at

I was shopping in a rather large department store recently and once I found what I was looking for I proceeded to the nearest customer service counter to pay for the item. Unfortunately, there was a line of 6 customers waiting. Since most department store customer service counters now do returns, the wait times are now getting longer however I didn’t expect this to be a problem as there were four staff members behind the customer service counter. Unfortunately that was not the case as three employees were folding clothing and only one was servicing the customers. As the lineup continued to grow, no one reacted and everyone kept doing exactly what they had been doing. No one jumped to man a register, no one called for additional help, nothing. Continue reading

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