Social Media Can Enhance Your Customer Service or Not…

Guest Post by Amanda Weatherdon

Image courtesy of digitalart at

Image courtesy of digitalart at

I was shopping in a rather large department store recently and once I found what I was looking for I proceeded to the nearest customer service counter to pay for the item. Unfortunately, there was a line of 6 customers waiting. Since most department store customer service counters now do returns, the wait times are now getting longer however I didn’t expect this to be a problem as there were four staff members behind the customer service counter. Unfortunately that was not the case as three employees were folding clothing and only one was servicing the customers. As the lineup continued to grow, no one reacted and everyone kept doing exactly what they had been doing. No one jumped to man a register, no one called for additional help, nothing. Continue reading

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Is Your Runway Long Enough?

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If you have ever been a passenger on a jet you realize how much energy and runway it takes to move the plane from a standstill to being airborne. All is calm as the craft makes its way from the gate to the taxiway. It isn’t until the moment the plane rolls onto the runway that things change and in a hurry. This is when the pilots apply full throttle and the plane begins to shudder and at that moment there is a significant increase in the noise as the plane hurtles down the runway. The bigger the plane the longer it takes for gravity to be defeated and depending on the passenger this moment is either exhilarating or terrifying. Continue reading

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Being a Leader Can Be a Pain.

frustrated business manThe typical discussion on leadership usually revolves around the qualities or gifts that good leaders share, such as integrity, team player, protector, teacher and mentor. In addition, most leaders are pretty good problem solvers and visionaries.

What we don’t hear is the downside of leadership. With this gift of leadership comes the mantle of responsibility. When you stop and think about it for a moment, who is the person everyone turns to when a crisis erupts? The leader, of course. It’s because they tend to be innovative thinkers; many are able to distill complex problems and get to the root of the matter very quickly. In some ways, they are like magnets where people seek them out, it can’t be helped, it’s just part of who they are. Continue reading

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